10 Days To Better Grades – Part 1

“10 Days to Better Grades” means that in just two short school weeks, you can have a new perspective regarding academics and what you are capable of.  If you are continually frustrated by term after term of low grades, you can begin to lose hope and think it’s worthless to even try. But wait! Turn back! Don’t fall into the pit of despair.

We’re here to tell you that it’s never too late. Everyday is an opportunity to get with a new program and improve your grades.

10 Days to Better Grades

Day 1:  Make a list of each subject—easiest to hardest.

You might be surprised to learn you’re only struggling in one or two subjects, but the struggle is causing a black cloud to hover over your entire school day.  Or, you might be disappointed to find that you’re barely passing lunch and P.E. Either way, it’s important for you to see which subjects you need help with so you can begin to divide and conquer. Then make sure you concentrate on your weaknesses. As you move ahead in those areas, your overall achievement will become more balanced.

Day 2:  Get Organized  

It’s not always a popular thing to do. It ranks right up there with “clean your room,” but some things just have to be done when embarking on the road to academic glory. Being organized is a guaranteed way to start doing better in school. The No. 1 reason most students get less-than-desirable grades: missing assignments. Organized students turn in everything.  Disorganized students have trouble finding things, let alone turning them in. Here are some beginner-organization tips:

  • 3-ring Binders: Get thin 3-ring binders for each individual subject—a different color for every class. Or – get one large 3-ring binder with clear, sturdy, easy-to-differentiate dividers for each subject. That eliminates looking for math homework in the same overstuffed folder-pocket with all your other papers from all your other classes.
  • Have Your Own Paper: Don’t annoy your teacher, or your desk neighbors, by being a mooch. You look…um…well…disorganized.
  • Have Your Own Pens/Pencils:  See above
  • Don’t shove anything into a pocket style folder. Hole punch it and put it into the 3-ring folder. Then it remains whole, uncrumpled, and totally able to be relocated.

Day 3:  Hire A Tutor

We just heard your eyes roll.  But once you find the right tutor, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. Tutors are (usually) fun, wacky, smart people who love to help other people learn. If you don’t click with the first one, go to a second one. You need to find a tutor that works well with you so you can relax and enjoy – yes, enjoy – the learning process. Teachers don’t always explain things in a way you can understand. A good tutor knows multiple ways to explain different concepts and can offer study tricks that help fuzzy ideas become crystal clear. Try The Premier Tutors and you’ll get your first day of tutoring FREE!

Day 4:  Communicate with teachers and/or classmates

It might be more comfortable to communicate with classmates but communicating with teachers is always a better choice. Teachers equate student communication with caring.  If you briefly review what is due, test dates, assignments, etc., once a week with your teacher, he/she is apt to give you the benefit of the doubt when grade time comes around because you’re clearly a student who cares.

Day 5: Learn Note-Taking Strategies That Work For You

Taking good notes is important. Taking notes allows your brain to process the information visually, and physically, as you write information down. The more ways you know how to take notes, the better chance you have of finding a format that works. Check out these links for some good ideas:


When the weekend rolls around, you can set aside a little time to review the week behind you and write a “Goal List” for the upcoming week.  Doesn’t that feel a little better already?  Stay tuned for “10 Days To Better Grades – Part 2”.

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