Exercises for the left-brain right-brain connection

Boost Your Brain Power! Brain Exercises to Strengthen Your Left & Right Brain Connection

Exercises for the left-brain right-brain connectionHere are a couple of videos you can watch for Left-brain, Right-brain Exercises.  Yep! Brain exercises.  They are awesome for three reasons:

1.  They’ll help your “weaker” brain side to get with the program and shape up!  The more you do little things like this, the better your brain/body will be at working together.

2.  All of them (minus the juggling) are simple to do under your desk, as you walk to class, or any other time you can squeeze them in when you know you’ll be nervous next period.  Have a test? Beat test anxiety by spending a few minutes doing some brain exercises before you start and it will help your brain cells get fired up!

3.  You can impress your family and friends with the amazing skill and coordination of your left/right brain.  Bet they can’t do that little thumb/pinkie-finger thingy the way that you can!

Video 1: Brain Yoga & Other Brain Exercises

Video 2: Learn to Juggle!

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