Differences Between High School Life and College Life

Differences Between High School Life and College Life

Differences Between High School Life and College Life

People, who drop out after high school and don’t experience college life, tend to assume that college is just a bigger and harder version of high school, with everything else the same. Those who do end up going to college, realize that the two institutions are actually poles apart. In reality, there exist very few similarities between school and college life, if any. Both offer a radically different lifestyle and general outlook on life.

In broad terms, school life tends to envelope more discipline. It is where one learns the basic etiquettes of social conduct. However, college is where one implements what he or she has learnt through their time in school. It can be thought of as a transition into maturity and independence.

School life incorporates learning a set curriculum in a set and particular way. It is a place where you are expected to abide by a strict rule of law. It links the idea of fun to rebellion, due to the number of existing rules and regulations in place.

However, college life is all about learning to think on your own and acting as free as a bird. There are no boundaries and no limits. It is where you develop into an adult and learn lessons that will help you get through life. College life associates enjoyment to the feeling of independence and freedom.

Another major difference between the two modes of life is the fact that there is no compulsion to study in college. Because college students are treated like adults, they are free to attend or skip classes at will. Moreover, they can choose which subjects they want to take up, instead of being told which to study.

Then there is the aspect of diversity and multiculturalism in a college environment, as many students go and study in foreign universities. Similarly, there are cultural exchange programs, which offer individuals an enriching experience of other cultures. Overall, college life helps one interact with people from all over the world and helps one see beyond his or her own little domain.

Academically speaking, not only do studies get harder in college, there is no set pattern to achieve grades either. Every instructor relies on his or her own methods of marking and there is always an element of uncertainty regarding the results. This is in stark contrast to school life, where there is a pretty much fixed pattern of achieving a certain score, provided you study accordingly.

In summary, these are two very different yet valuable phases in an individual’s life. Both have their own charm and not only do they groom individuals, they leave impressions that last a lifetime.

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